S4 German Revision

Task A

Choose from the following vocabulary revision quizzes:

Na Klar Kapitel 0 Vokabeln

Na Klar Kapitel 1 Vokabeln

Na Klar Kapitel 3 Vokabeln

When you open the quiz you will have various options across the top of the screen: Flashcards, Learn, Speller, Test, Scatter, Space Race. Try out different activities and then test yourself using the Test option.

Task B

Read the three stories below and then choose one to translate. Send your completed translation to Mrs Claus via edubuzz.

Meine Woche

Was machst du in deiner Freizeit?

Siehst du gern fern?

Comment on this post to explain which tasks you chose to complete today and also to explain which Storybird story you liked best and why.

If you need an extra challenge, why not try creating your own Storybird book?! Ask Mrs Claus for login details.

Perfect Tense Reminder

Click on the link below for a musical reminder of how to form the perfect tense (past tense) in French. I won’t upload our recent recording, but I’m sure we could create an even better cover version of Cheryl Cole’s ‘Fight for Your Love’!

Singalong Grammar


Linguachallenge – June

Celebrate World Music Day (21st June) by taking part in our quiz.

Pick up a copy from Mrs Claus in M20 and return it by Friday 20th June.

All correct entries will be entered into a prize draw.

Spanish Immersion Course

Mrs Tierney from the Modern Languages Department successfully completed a Spanish Immersion Course in Malaga, Spain from 31 March to 7 April. This course was specifically designed for Teachers of Spanish from British schools to improve their linguistic skills and exchange good practice. Participants attended classes every day and worked together on practical activities that could be used in the classroom. These activities included using games, songs, films, art and literature to teach languages, ICT workshops, using role play, the Spanish School system and even some Sevillana dancing lessons. The benefits of teachers attending such courses will of course be passed on to the pupils in our school, giving them a deeper understanding of the culture of the countries whose languages we teach and making their learning experience positive and fun.