S1 and S2 Courses

Pupils in S1 and S2 have had the opportunity to be part of a new health and well-being block of teaching constructed by the DGS  PE department.

Classes in S1 and S2 have one period a week assigned as “Health & Wellbeing” in which students experience a new course which while closely related to PE has differed from our traditional activities and lessons in a number of key areas.

 In the current session students in S1 and S2 have the equivalent of half a period a week designated for the Health & Wellbeing course. This has been arranged in a rotation where classes attend Health & Wellbeing for half the year and RME for the other half.

The new course includes the following topics:

Hearstart Course – an Emergency Life Saving skills course which teaches students how to deal with a variety of life threatening situations such as an unconscious casualty, choking, serious bleeding, suspected cardiac arrest and how to administer CPR.

Fiz – a fitness block in which students test their own fitness, investigate how to improve it, plan their own fitness training programme, carry out their programme and re-test to see if their fitness has improved as a result of their training.

Old School – a block of traditional playground activities including chasing and racing games, ball games, problem solving games, fielding games and jumping games and activities.

Students in S1 participate in two blocks of work in Fit for Life.

The Heartstart course equips students with emergency life-saving skills. Situations such as dealing with: a conscious casualty, an unconscious casualty, serious bleeding, choking, CPR and a suspected heart attack are all covered.

In Old School Games students experience a variety of games and activities including playground games. These games include running, chasing, fielding and problem-solving activities. The aim of this block of work is to work on students’ speed, co-ordination, reaction time, agility and co-operation.

 The key focus of much of the Health & Wellbeing course is to allow students to successfully meet the aims of the Curriculum for Excellence’s Experiences and Outcomes.

In the Fiz block in particular students are encouraged to become: successful learners by researching and planning their own learning agenda; confident individuals by negotiating with others to produce and carry out a training programme; responsible citizens by working in small groups independent of the teacher in order to make improvements in both their performance and knowledge and understanding of their own fitness; and effective contributors by working together and encouraging each other to experience success.