Revised Higher Physics Prelim revision guide

You should have the following handouts to support your revision

•Course Outline -KEY guide to what could be in exam!
•Summary Notes, including hand-written summary of ODU
•Question Booklet (Re-do typical question from each section)
•Specimen SQA exam paper
•Practice Open Questions

Your own Summary Notes! (or equivalent)

The following resources are available online to support your revision

– Scholar- notes, questions, quizzes
–“Glasgow Physics” (Youtube)
–Virtual Revised Higher Physics (£12) available from
–Free copy of Physics Simulations and animation (
–Websites for students by Physics teachers


Mrs Gibson’s Advanced Higher

Hi there,

Just a quick update on the work you should be concentrating on.

Pay particular attention to plotting electric field and potential around a hollow condutor. We only just looked at this (remember inside a car the safest place when there is lightning!) but you should be familiar with how to plot these two variables. Scholar has good examples.

You should make sure Tutorial’s 1 and 2 are complete and you can now do up to Question 7 on Tutorial 3.

Enjoy! See you soon.

Mrs Gibson

Snow Work

S1-S2 There are lots of great fun science experiments and investigations that can be done at home with everyday things. Search the internet for ideas and have a go! (search for “experiments at home” or “home experiments physics” on google).

S3 This is great chance to revise the work on Health Physics and Telecommunications covered so far! This will help with your first Intermediate 2 test on “Waves and Optics” coming up in a few weeks. Using the Green Intermediate 2 ” Waves and Optics” booklet revise learning outcomes on front cover page using the summary notes and your textbook. We have covered all the outcomes not marked with a circle. Focus on the skills such as understanding and using the equations. Have another go at each kind of problem. 

S4 – Revise for the upcoming and important Electricity and Electronics NAB test using your Green Intermediate 2 Booklet. Questions and homework from Section 5 is all useful revision. Also, focus on understanding and using the equations by doing a typical question for each one. 

Higher- Research on the internet how understanding the physics of light can solve crimes (search keywords “refraction solve crime”). Work on the next part of your guide on refraction using the notes and questions. We’ll catch up the practical work when we get back.

AH – Make sure your individual tutorial work is up to date. Use your notes and scholar to continue work on the current topic. We’ll catch up the practical work when we get back.

See you all Next Week

Dr Smith