Staff at all levels readily taking on leadership roles so that they can progress initiatives which impact on the learning experience.

This has undoubtedly been successful. Staff at all levels have been involved in the companies, showcases, house system or Learning Teams and in particular the embedding of Assessment is for Learning.

As part of our response to A Curriculum for Excellence we have introduced two rich tasks in S1 cutting across traditional curricular boundaries and leadership. We have also introduced a Learning to Learn course in S1 and S2, these again being staffed and led by volunteer teachers with a member of the SMT taking on a co-ordinating role as with the Learning Teams.

Students readily taking on leadership roles in driving companies resulting in them being more confident individuals, willing to take managed risks and be leaders when they leave school.

The leadership role of students within the companies has varied. In the dance company, for example, the previous Dance Artist in Residence devised an exit strategy to ensure the continuance of the company. This has resulted in students taking on the leadership and development of the company.

With Music, students took on the development of Sound Engineering, though further development has been taken forward by the PT of Music. Senior students took on the management, staging and performing of a successful Christmas showcase.

With little to no support from staff, students have also taken on directing and producing roles within Drama and Corporate Identity in terms of the development of our website. Students have readily taken the lead in filming events.

Students have provided the catering for many events and are working much more independently, though overall leadership still rests with the Principal Teacher for Health and Safety reasons.

Broadcasting was the last of the companies to be developed but is now moving on apace with the prospect of students getting involved in a new local radio station.

Parents more involved and taking on leadership roles resulting in a closer relationship between the school and the parent body.

This is an area which we had little success within the parameters of the SoA project with perhaps the exception of parental involvement in the development of clothes for a fashion show. However, as the school exits from the School of Ambition funding and finds itself involved in a temporary budgetary slump, parents have rallied to the call for fundraising. A subgroup from the School Council has been formed to take on fundraising and they have led this with the HT and a DHT attending in an advisory capacity. It is ironic that this has happened but also symptomatic of a capacity for increased involvement and growth.

Distributed leadership evident throughout school giving all stakeholders the confidence to take on new challenges.

This has become the way forward for all changes in the school but does not replace good strategic planning. We actively promote involvement and leadership roles for all stakeholders and in particular for students and parents/carers. This is evident in the Student Council, which now concentrates on Learning and Teaching issues and recruitment and selection which routinely involves parents and students for senior posts. The Learning Team, now covers approximately two-thirds of the staff and Internal Departmental Review, now involves parents and students. We now automatically consider whether development groups, such as the Curriculum for Excellence Group should includes parent and students.

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