S3 Computing Science


This unit looks at how computers work. It introduces many of the theory fundamentals required for other units taught later on. Resources for this unit can be found on the Google classroom. Each S3 class has access to the Google classroom.

Assessment: – End of unit written assessment.



S3 Web-Design

In this unit you will create a website of your choice using a WYSIWYG package – Serif WebPlus X8.

You will then learn how to create a website in HTML – using Notepad ++.

Learning intentions

I will learn how to/ be able to:

  • Create a simple website using Serif Web-Plus/ HTML – using Notepad ++
  • Include text
  • Include images
  • Hyperlink pages together
  • Create links to external sites
  • Describe/ discuss some legal implications of the World Wide Web.
  • Identify relevant legal Acts related to the internet and usage of computers

Key Words

  •  Hyperlink
  • External Link
  • Home page

Lesson Context/ Why are we learning this?

Skills – Planning, Creativity, Problem-Solving, Research skills, Organisation skills – layout, ability to create web pages.

  • The majority of companies have websites. Learning skills to enable you to create and edit websites is invaluable.
  • Skills required to be able to complete your S3 profile.
  • A major element of Computing Science courses at Nat 4/ 5 and Higher.
  • Many further education courses expect students to be able to create a basic web page – to display OR demonstrate work.


Useful Website for this Unit

W3 Schools – See links to the right. Design tab on the left on the website will help you get started.