Nurture, Recovery & Reconnection

We are approaching the mid-term break of our 1st term back in school since school buildings closed in March 2020.

 It has been fabulous to welcome everyone back into school, with all staff working incredibly hard to ensure the start of this school year is memorable for all the right reasons.

As you know, we have focused our return to school on utilising the natural, nurturing abilities of our staff to support the physical and mental health & wellbeing of the children.

The school improvement plan outlines the priorities we have identified for this session.  The full version can be accessed here;  School Improvement Plan 2020/21  .  An abbreviated version can be accessed here; School Improvement Plan 2020/21

More information on nurture, recovery & reconnection can be found on the website developed by East Lothian Council; Nurture, Recovery & Reconnection in Schools

P 4/5 Home Learning Log 1.5.2020

Niamh This week I really enjoyed the novel because lots of exciting things have happened in the story and I want to hear more. The PE challenge for keepie uppies, holding a plank and stacking a tower of cups were great fun but tricky too. The school museum was interesting and I liked seeing what all the children had donated. My favourite was Dirleton Tours project and my research about the Kelpies and finding the video of it being built in only 90 days !


Oscar I’ve enjoyed the Firework Maker’s daughter because it is adventurous and fun to listen to and you never know what’s coming next. I’ve enjoyed the Radio sounds programmes and also maths – it was really fun and not too hard or easy just in the middle. I enjoyed the museum that there were lots of different facts about different objects that Ive never seen before.

Sam I have really enjoyed Dirleton Primary Travel, I loved adding to my slides every day. I also enjoyed making my poster to illustrate a food chain. It has been great fun looking at everybody’s museum items, there is some pretty cool stuff in the museum.
Archie I liked doing the slides about Scotland.

Supporting yourself, your children and each other

East Lothian Council have composed a number of information leaflets that are aimed at supporting a variety of needs at this time.  Please click the appropriate link to access the advice you require.

Information for parents

Emotional wellbeing

Managing emotions

COVID 19 – Bereavement

Bereavement – developmental age and understanding

Bereavement – parent guidance



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