P3/4 Learning Log 22.3.19

In Science we have continued to learn about the Earth, Sun and Moon.  We worked cooperatively with our talk partners to create informative posters.

  When writing  imaginative stories we tried to include as many adjectives and adverbs to  describe the setting and characters.

      In maths we have been focussing on identifying and continuing patterns as well as using function machines.

In the Thrilling Thursday Group P3/4  had the opportunity to play traditional board games designed and created by the older pupils.   The pupils played cooperatively with each other, followed the rules, took turns and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  The pupils reviewed the games after they had played them and all games were highly recommended.



P7 Learning Log

This week, P7 had the opportunity to make some healthy meals with the nutrition students from Queen Margaret University.

The key learning was around making healthy choices and getting a good variety of the food groups from the Eatwell Plate in to meals. Using their cooking skills, P7 made pitta pizzas and lettuce wraps which they very much enjoyed! 🙂








P 5/6 Learning Log 22.3.19

Rugby Fest
We went to the rugby festival in North Berwick. This was on Wednesday behind the North Berwick high school playing field. We’d been playing touch rugby every Friday with a rugby coach and for our last session they planned the festival. We took the public bus. At the festival, we were split into two teams and went round different stations: including “end ball”, some races, and more.

Maths Games
On Monday, Mrs Hexley had put four post- it notes on each wall, one saying ½ another saying ¾ (etc) and had a box with tons of folded papers in it. She threw them up into the air, and people had to take one off the ground. When you unfolded the piece of paper, it showed a fraction equivalent to the one of the ones on the walls. You then had to go to the correct post-it notes and stand there until the next round.

P1/2 Learning Log

P1/2 have been continuing with our Spring theme in science by learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly.

The ‘shops’ continue to be busy and the children are working hard with their addition and subtraction by adding values together and working out how much change is needed.

We’ve begun a new topic in PE, the children are now working on their different athletic skills.

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