P3/4 Learning Log

The children have returned to school after their Christmas holiday refreshed and eager to learn.    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the lovely gifts, it was very kind of you.

We have been learning how to identify and compare fractions, we had fun cutting small cupcakes into equal parts. In PE we have been developing our skills in badminton.

 We drew winter trees and then used cold colours to paint between the branches. 

We have also been discussing what makes a good friend and how to deal with the ups and downs in friendships.

P7 Learning Log

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

P7 are settling back in to the school routine well, considering our aspirations and targets for the year ahead.

This week, we have been working with negative numbers, exploring key features of report writing and creating Buddhist mandalas. We also started our new Scottish themed topic of Scottish Farming to link in with our previous work on the Food for Thought project.

Here’s what P7 thought about their first week back…

“I have enjoyed the negative numbers in maths, it has really been a challenge.” – Daniel

 “This week I’ve very much enjoyed drawing Mandalas, It’s all about being precise in measurements and lines it was quite difficult to stay focused!” – Olivia

“I really enjoyed doing Thursday groups. I liked making the fire and making hot chocolate“ -Charlotte

 “I really enjoyed Den building in Thursday groups with Mr Harris.” –

“I enjoyed making our targets, one of mine is too take more photographs because I want to be a photographer when I’m older!”-  Lilly

“This week I really enjoyed Maths because it was negative numbers.” – Craig

 “I have enjoyed doing the portrait with the targets on it.” Bella

“I have enjoyed doing the self-portraits and doing our targets. They turned out great!!” – Rebecca

“This week I enjoyed writing about our targets for this year.” –  Charlie

P5/6 Learning Log 11.01.2019

The work about Bonnie Prince Charlie was really fun because made a timeline and learned lot about our Scottish ancestors’ past. Also this week we have done splatter art we used paper for masking then we put paint on the paint brush then usedoure finger to splat the on paper then left to dry. After that we wrote inspiring words on the paper like happy, friendly and more.

Maths has been a lot more quiet because we have moved seats and got a lot more reward marbles.

By Fearghal McArdle and Sam Hay

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a nice break with your families.  Thank you so much for my lovely gifts, it really was very kind of you.

The children have come back to school settled and ready to learn, although tired now that we’re reaching the end of our first week back- these dark mornings don’t help!

The children have settled quickly back into a routine and lots of learning has  taking place.

Join in with learning at our small primary school in East Lothian, Scotland