P4/5 Learning Log 15.11.2019

Moray “I liked art because Space is my favourite subject.”

Lucy “We used pastels to make planets and displayed them on black paper.”

Lucas “I liked art because it was out of this world!”

Archie “I Liked gymnastics because I learned how to do a cartwhell.”

Rae “I like gymnastics because it is my favourite sport and it is very fun.”

P2/3 Learning Log

Primary 2/3 have had a great time learning outdoors this week!

On Wednesday, we went to the orchard to tidy up the willow. We collected the willow and  tied two pieces together (very tricky!) to make the frame for a kite. There was lots of perseverance, team work and determination shown.

We were also using our imagination. At one point our willow turned in to fishing rods! After catching a few fish we then started to help the environment by fishing for different kinds of plastic.


We also helped our community outdoors on Thursday. We walked down to The Village Green to plant some wild primrose. The children all worked very hard both individually and as part of a team to plant the flowers. Although it was very cold yesterday, the class were enthusiastic and had great fun!




P1Learning Log

P1 have been continuing to work well together.  It’s been lovely to see how well they help and support each other and can talk about how kind their peers are towards them.

In maths, we’ve been learning about 3D shapes and had great fun looking  for different 3D shapes within our playground.

We have many budding engineers within our Thursday Group.  We had great fun creating different kites and boats and exploring which design flew and sailed the best.


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