P3/4 Learning Log 24.5.19

Charlie:  I liked learning about the properties of 3D shapes as well as revising addition and subtraction.


Zach and Emily:  We have enjoyed mapping and creating a key.

Rudi: I enjoyed running and shot put in P.E.

Charlotte and Archie:  We enjoyed writing this week as we wrote imaginative stories and used direct speech marks.





PI/2 LearningLog

The children are continuing to enjoy learning about Living Things.  We used our knowledge of Living Things to help us with our maths this week as we learnt about Data Handling.  We had a look in different habitats within our playground to count the number of insects we found.  We used tally marks to do this.  We then used our tally marks to create graphs.

The children then enjoyed creating some of the insects they found from plasticine!

P3/4 Learning Log 17.5.19

This week we wrote leaflets all about keeping safe in the sun.  Our leaflets contained important information, great illustrations and some handy tips.

In science we have been learning about non-renewable and renewable energy sources.  We made pin wheels to represent how a wind turbine works.

We created presentations using Google Slides.

We played games to help us with spelling.


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