P3/4 Learning Log

We’ve had a creative week

Tam (P4) “I really enjoyed creating my own McCoo for the Steven Brown art competition.  It took a long time as I put in a lot of detail.”

On our Fantastic Flying Journey we discovered that Monarch Butterflies migrate thousands of miles from North Eastern America and Canada to Mexico.  We also investigated their life cycle.

Oscar (P3)  “I liked doing my homework this week!”

John (P4) “In maths we were learning about capacity.  I enjoyed the potions lessons where we had to work out problems.”

Hamish (P4) “I enjoyed working as part of a team when playing giant jenga.”

P 5/6 Learning Log 20.04.2018

Drama – John Muir’s Childhhod

Lilly “Drama was soooo fun. The Lady (Shona) was really funny and me and Rebecca had to pretend to steal oatcakes”

Craig “This week I really enjoyed drama because I was the dad!”

Art – McCoo Competition

Lina “I enjoyed drawing the highland cow and painting it. We practiced on scrap paper the drew it on A3 card. We had to paint it in lots of different colours and it’s going to be entered into a competition.”

Bella “I enjoyed doing the highland cows because it made me happy!”


Tyler “I loved making positive posters because it was really inspiring.”

John Muir Award

Zidane “I eally enjoyed planting trees. t was my first time planting them and it was amazing!”

Gemma “I liked planting trees because I was doing something new and fun.”

P 6/7 Learning Log Blog 20.04.18

Ruby (P7) “This week I enjoyed doing the maths relay. We got to use our maths skills as well as our teamwork skills. Some questions were quite hard but others were not so challenging.” Numeracy

Finlay & Sam (P7) “We enjoyed PE because we got to do high jump anduse`our jumping skills. The height of the bar went from 90cm to 130cm. I jumped 1.20cm using scissor kick method We will are training for different athletics events for Meadow Mill.” Health & Wellbeing

Hannah (P7) “This week I loved sketching in the orchard, this taught me to be free with my art!” Expressive Arts








Olivia (P6) “This week I liked rounders with Mr Ludvigsen because we all played one big game with the whole class in the sunshine.” Health & Wellbeing

Angus (P7) “ I enjoyed planting trees for our John Muir Award, its amazing that in 20 years I will be able to see what they look like…!” Social Studies and Health & Wellbeing 





Tom (P7) “I really enjoyed tree planting at Yellowcraig because it was interesting to see how many types of trees were planted there. We dug a whole, put a tree in, heeled it in, put a protective tube over it and hammered in the stake.” Social Studies and Health & Wellbeing









Ava & Gregor (P6) “We enjoyed planting trees because we learnt how to use different tools to plant trees safely.” Social Studies and Health & Wellbeing

P6/7 Learning Log Blog 29.03.18

Finlay Wright (P7) & Olivia Hogg (P6) “This week we enjoyed finishing our artwork. We drew rainforest animals form a selection of 2D shapes, they became geometric and colourful!” Expressive Arts








Tom Stirling (P7) “I enjoyed taking part in the Easter egg hunt… it was really hard to find them!” Health & Wellbeing and Numeracy 



Ava Shankey (P6) ” This week i loved our Easter egg hunt in the woods we put maths problem solving into the woodland it was really fun!” Health & Wellbeing and Numeracy 



Eating their hard earned spoils of the Easter egg hunt!

This week we said a very very found farewell to a Dirleton teaching legend… Mrs Broadfoot! We will all miss your  kindness, smiles and  laughter… thank you so much for all you’ve done for us over the years!

Mrs Richardson’s cake tasted as good as it looked… amazing!


Join in with learning at our small primary school in East Lothian, Scotland