Solar Eclipse 2015

Over the last couple of days the whole school has been learning about the solar eclipse and how to watch it safely. We made pin hole projectors and cardboard box projectors and Caitlin from P6 kindly let us have a look through her special solar eclipse safety glasses! We had great fun this morning using our home made safety devices and really appreciated the opportunity to witness such a rare event ….. that’s it till 2026 folks!

DSCN1291 inside the box projectorDSCN1292 a simple paper projector DSCN1294 Interesting shadows

DSCN1297 box projectorsDSCN1299 DSCN1300 DSCN1301  DSCN1303   DSCN1307 DSCN1308 DSCN1309   RSCN1293

This photo taken through the solar eclipse glasses!!