updates from P4/5

Our p4/5 class topic

Our class topic is marine .It is very fun and it is really interesting it makes me learn a lot about marine life .We were learning about the ragged tooth shark .My table are called the jellyfish .We also were learning about the great white shark we also made clay models I did a dolphin .we painted them my won was light blue .The most fun part was making them because you got to make you very own marine life animal.

 by: Finlay wright

Our class topic was really fun and very good for my knowledge of marine life. Now I know much more about whale sharks and other marine animals such as the tiger shark and sea otters. In the topic we also learned about the Ragged Tooth shark and the great white shark as well as making clay models. I made a whale shark and then we painted it. My favourite part was when we learned about all the different sea animals but mostly the Ragged Tooth Shark.

Robin Hutchison




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