P1/2 Learning Log Blog

Oscar:  ‘This week in PE we were learning how to play tennis.  We had to hit the ball quite high and play with a partner.  I found it quite easy to hit the ball.’  PE

Chloe: ‘In Music we were learning a song called ‘penny on the ocean’ and swinging a piece of material with Freddy the Teddy on top .’   Music

Duncan: ‘This week in Literacy, we were learning where to put speech marks into our writing.  When somebody says something, whatever they say is where you put the speech marks .’   Literacy

John: ‘Tomas and I were colouring in a dragon.  First we had to negotiate what colours we were going to use.  Negotiate means you have to discuss and maybe get your own way but maybe not get your own way.  We listened, agreed, discussed and used teamwork. ’   Project / Listening & Talking

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