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Science-This week in science we have been learning about the human body . We split into groups to draw and cut around our classmates, in the mean time one of the group members cut out body organs so we can stick them on to the cut out. When we are finished we will put them up on the wall.

Bethany, Gemma, Ella Malaika and Emma xxxxxx

On Wednesday the 4th of May, 2016 p6/7 went to Vogrie Park for an orienteering and we competed on p6 and p7 courses. p7s were the fastest out of East Lothian and Mid Lothian. Josh came first for the p7s. Dirleton primary school where the fastest competitors.

Torri , Amy , Alice  and Zoe


This week in maths we where revisiting on a few things we have done before such as time, fractions, decimals and percentages. Once we had figured out the fraction of something we then found out the decimal and percentage knowing the fraction made it a lot easier.

Selena, Jaiden, Marly, Richard, Saul and Cailib

Science-This week p6/7 in science have been learning about the organs in the human body we drew around one of the group members and put the paper organs that we cut out on their places on the body.

Poppy, Charlie, Tadhg, Caitlin

This week in French we were learning about the French animals and their names. We also played memory games to remember the names of the animals.





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