P 3/4 LEARNING LOG BLOG 27.05.16

Charlotte (P4) ‘I enjoyed seeing, touching and listening to real ducklings because I liked learning about their lifecycle.’ Science

Ryan (P3) ‘I enjoyed PE and playing basketball because we were passing the ball to each other in different ways.’ Health and Wellbeing

Tom (P3) ‘When the nurses came to talk to us it was interesting because I thought you were meant to drink 5 glasses of water a day but it was actually 8!’ Health and Wellbeing

Emma (P3) ‘I enjoyed designing leaflets because we used the computers and it was fun to make our own activity leaflet.’ Technologies/Literacy

Working hard to create our Scottish activity leaflets.
Selecting the most important bits of information.

Daniel (P4) ‘I enjoyed creating posters for ‘Dirleton Fete and Games’ day because we got to use our imagination.’ Expressive Arts


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