P6/7 Learning Logs – Friday 27/5/16

This week in Health and Wellbeing on Wednesday the 25th of May,  primary 6/7 went on a trip to Meadowmill to do an athletics competition,  we were competing against schools from the cluster and the wider East Lothian. When we got there there were loads of different events which some of us competed in.  Amy competed in the long jump and came 2nd! Poppy came 5th in the cricket ball throw, Marly came 1st in the high jump and broke a record and  1st in the 80m.  Josh came 3rd in the 600m and 5th in the cricket ball throw.  Cailib came 2nd in the long jump and 3rd in 80m. Gemma came 6th in the 150m and in the 600m she came 3rd. Charlie came 2nd in the 150m and made it to the finals. Ella Malaika, Bethany, Caitlin, Saul, Tadhg and Benjamin did the tug of war and came 5th. The highlight off the day was the relay, the relay team was Marly, Zoe, Cailib and Josh and they came 1st in the heat and final!! As it turned out we got the most points of any school there which is unusual. We got the small schools cup and now we will have to get a trophy cabinet for this cup and the orienteering trophy which we won recently.

by p6/7

This week in drama, in expressive arts, we have been learning all the songs and parts to the end of the school play. We have chosen parts and were given scripts to learn  and we’ve started to memorize our lines and act them out for practice. The play tells a story about four interviewees going for their first job remembering  back to when they were kids on their first days, best days and sports days.

by P6/7

This week in health and wellbeing p6 met there new p1 buddies and  helped them settle into the school a little bit. We also played with the building blocks and drew pictures with them and made name badges with them. We explained to them about what it feels like to be in the school and asked them a little bit about themselves. We hope that this has been a good introduction to Dirleton for all the new p1s

P6s- Emma, Jaiden, Richard and Saul

Last week p7s learning was at camp; they spent a five nights there and did fun activities. We did canoeing, exploration, catwalk, Tyrolean Traverse, burn scramble, nightline, crate climb, problem solving, night activities and lots more.  We learned how to work well together in groups and made new friends who we will meet again in High School. We also had a disco on the last night where everyone danced and had fun and Mrs Robertson even did the dab. Our highlights were Disco, Nightline, canoeing, burn scramble and the exploration where we built dens and tasted food growing in the wild and sat in a bothy bag for lunch, all 12 of us, 1,500 feet up- half a munro. Dounans was a great camp!!!

by P7- Zoe and Selena and the rest of the P7s!



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  1. Well Done at Meadow Mill and orienteering.
    We are proud of you all.
    Dirleton are the champions!!!!

    It is also lovely to hear and read about what the P7s got up to at camp. what a special time.
    Could we see some photos????

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