P6 Learning Logs

Health and Wellbeing

This week p6 went to stay the night at Yellowcraigs .We walked there and when we arrived we set up the tents and after we decided to go for a walk through the woods and went to the beach were we had an art competition for who  could draw the best piece of art work on the sand.  After, we went down to the rocks and we learnt how to handle crabs. After we went back to the tents and had desert and went to sleep.




Health & wellbeing

On the 23rd of June the p6s went to Yellowcraig beach and learned how to put up a tent and how to take tents down. We learned how to put the tent poles in the right places.  we all worked as a team and in the end the girls put up their tent first and the boys at a close second and overall we had such a wonderful time and we all want to do it again.

Alice & Torri


In health and wellbeing we learnt how to light a fire safely.  You have to be close to the firepit before lighting it and make sure the match is not wet.  Once the fire is going you can start cooking but you must always keep a safe distance and make sure that others do too!

Richard and Ben



In health and wellbeing we cooked pasta and sauce using a pot and a stove it took half an hour or longer to cook it. We also used a wok to cook Mrs Richardson’s sauce and cut up some smoked sausage and added it in with the pasta. At breakfast we cooked bacon and had yummy bacon rolls. It was a great camp we all loved it.


In Art we did beach art.  We  had a sandcastle competition in pairs.  We had 15 minutes to build a castle and my group won.  We had a fun camp!


In literacy at camp we did presentations about a special sticks we had found; it was a lot of fun and because it was outside I was not nervous at all!



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