Dirleton Talent at Fete and Games

It was delightful to have a large group of children volunteering to perform and really encouraging to them to have such a large supportive crowd around the music tent. Word has it that we could be heard quite clearly all over Dirleton.

A big thank you to Graeme McKenzie who organizes the music tent, to the sound technician Alan with all the sound equipment provided by ELJAM and last by no means least to all the children who bravely and beautifully performed.

We had:

An ensemble of strings, accompanied by James Willis on accordion and Cathy Johnson their teacher on Violin. On violin we had, Bethany, Hannah, Peter, Tori. On Viola Ella Malaika. They played a heart warming array of Scottish folk songs, not long before they might be playing for a Dirleton ceilidh!?

Solo performers were: Guitar : Robin; Piano:  Finley, Millie, Evie, Phoebe, Benjamin, Ruby, Melissa, Maddie, Tavia and Lewis. Thank you to Jill Girma , one of the piano teachers present. Last but not least Craig did a wee stand up routine for us with some jokes.

We had other offers of dance, Gymnastics and brass etc., but sadly dance and gymnastic competitions clashed with our fete. (in which medals were awarded I hear) Watch this space for next year though!

Well done and Thank you to all of you who took part.

Sasha Spring

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