P5 Learning Blog – Outdoor Learning Day

We all enjoyed a wonderful (and sunny) day at Yellowcraigs on Thursday.  Just look how beautiful the beach looked (there is no filter on this photo!)   We wanted to write our learning blog all about our day at Yellowcraigs.  img_0535 Craig & Daniel – ‘We really enjoyed learning about plants and their habitats.  I learned that there are lots of different types of plants and flowers at Yellowcraigs.   We noticed that in the woods there were less flowers because it is much darker and more sheltered and flowers like light and sun to grow.  The grasslands had longer grass and more flowers because it’s lighter and sunnier so more will grow.’



Olivia & Graham & Kier– ‘We really enjoyed when Dave Wild showed us how to cut the grass with different tools.  We learned that the quickest way to do this is with a lawnmower but in the past a sythe has been used.  We also learned about how Dave does his job and looks after the wildlife.  He has to make sure there are not too many trees in the grasslands otherwise the protected species of plants and grasses cant grow.  We also threw a hoop into grass and gave plants names.’


Millie – ‘I liked hunting for the bugs.  I found a caterpillar with Charlotte and we know that it will turn into a moth in the winter.’



Rebecca – ‘Our first activity was pollination.  We made a flower and popped in around about us.  The adults put some crushed up cheesy puffs on our flower to represent the pollen then we made a finger puppet bee and put bee face paint on, then went around the flowers picking up the pollen and transferring it.’


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