P5 Learning Blog

Kier – ‘I liked learning with Charlotte from NYCOS.  We played fun games and she was showing us what the NYCOS groups are like’.  Music

Charlotte– ‘I enjoyed the visit from the lady from the SPCA.  She taught us about farm animals and I thought it was interesting hearing about organic chickens and battery chickens’.  Social Studies

Millie– ‘In PE we played line tig and netball.  PE

Daniel– So far in our topic we have looked at maps of Europe and looked at Greece and it’s islands.  We have started to make a poster about Modern Greece.  Social Subjects

Craig– ‘Today in Maths we have been doing problem solving.  We were given 7 cards upside down and had to work out what number was on each card.  The method we used was Trial & Improvement’.  Maths

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