P 6/7 Learning Log 25.11.16


Tadhg “This week for Scottish Book Week, the class created book trailers.  Charlie and I made one on Dan Carter’s autobiography. I learned that books have trailers and not just films.”

Ruby “This week I really enjoyed making the book trailers with our partners. It was fun and I learned the steps needed to create a successful book trailer.”

Ben “In literacy we have been reading with our P 1/2 buddies. I think it taught me to look after others and how to make someone happy!”


William “We did reading with our buddies. We read a book a day and completed a reading survey.”

Hannah “This week we were reading to our buddies. It was really nice reading to her.”



Richard “I’ve been learning about angles this week. I can measure angles with a protractor and name them acute, obtuse, right and reflex.”


Tom “On Tuesday Mr Harris gave us a challengeto create a table out of cardboard and newspaper. I used the design process to create a stable table.”

Saul “I learned how to create a table out of 8 pages of newspaper and 1 piece of cardboard.”


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