P 3/4 LEARNING LOG BLOG 24.02.17

Duncan (P3) ‘I enjoyed doing the experiment because it was interesting to see how the digestive system works right in front of me!’ Science

Ava M (P3) ‘I enjoyed writing up my experiment report. It got me back into writing after the holidays!’ Literacy

Tom (P4) ‘Learning about time in maths was very interesting because the big hand is the minute hand and the small hand is the hour hand. Before I thought it was the other way around.’ Maths

John (P3) ‘I loved learning about Hinduism. I thought it was strange that cows in India are allowed to go where ever they want including the roads. People have to drive round them!’ RME

Tyler (P4) ‘I found out something new which was interesting. The Muslim religion came from Hinduism.’ RME

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