P 3/4 LEARNING LOG BLOG 03.03.17

Kitty (P4) ‘I learnt how to make a pancake with my team. It was very tasty and I can’t wait to make them at home!’ RME & Technologies




Zidane (P4) ‘I enjoyed the football festival because we played against lots of other schools. We don’t normally play football against other schools. It was very competitive because I didn’t know how good other children would be.’ Health & Wellbeing



Ava M (P3) ‘I enjoyed d gymnastics because we got to use the big climbing frame. It made me feel really really happy!’  Health & WellbeingJohn (P3) ‘I liked dressing up on World Book Day because I got to see my friends outfits. They were really awesome! These are some of my favourites… Treasure Island, Fantastic Mr Fox, Lion King, The Twits and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ Literacy & Ex. Arts







Tyler (P4) ‘I enjoyed looking at everyone’s storyboxes because we got to see everybody else’s creations. It made me feel very happy and proud of myself.’ Literacy & Ex. Arts







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