P 3/4 Learning Log Blog 10.03.17

Tomas (P3) ‘I enjoyed filming in Dirleton Castle because it was really fun running up the bank for our 2nd to last shot.’ Literacy and Technologies

Kitty(P4) ‘I liked thinking about my ‘7 Personal Wonders of the World’. It was nice to see what was important to everybody else.’ Social Studies and Literacy








Tyler (P4) ‘I enjoyed learning about the ‘7 Ancient Wonders of the World’ because we learnt interesting facts about History and Greece.’ Social Studies

John (P3) ‘The Scottish Youth Music Initiative came in on Tuesday and they taught the class how to use the violin like an electric guitar!’ Expressive Arts

Alex (P4) ‘I loved doing gymnastics because when we were on the climbing frame we used our upper body strength to get from one side to the other.’ Health & Wellbeing

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