P 6/7 Learning Log 17.3.17

Health and Well Being

Tadhg “I enjoyed going to the rugby festival because we learned to work as a team.”

Antony “I really liked the rugby and if I was at Dirleton another year I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Ben “After the rugby festival we shared our thoughts on who did well and how!”

Social Studies and John Muir award

Ruby “This week I really enjoyed going to Foxlake then walking along the John Muir Way! I had fun and learned a lot too.”

Alice “On Thursday I participated in part of the John Muir Award. I enjoyed all of the activities but Meet A Tree was my favourite.”

Lucy I really enjoyed going to Foxlake and talking to James and Kate about how they developed the site.


Expressive Arts

Robin “I enjoyed being the bass player in the school play – Rapunzel.”

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