Sharpe shooter!

Dounans has now become a home form home… new friendships forged, an upturn in the weather and plenty of activities to keep us all wet n wild… let the good times roll!

William “I found that my favourite activity so far was raft building because we had to work hard as a team and got wet a lot!”

Richard “When William was walking in the rain he slipped and couldn’t get up… there was water everywhere, it was so funny!”

Maiden voyage…

Anthony “Burn Scramble was amazing because we went through freezing waterfalls!”

Torri “I loved the Tree Climb because I got to the top and rung the bell… it was 16 metres high!

All smiles!

Alice ‘I really enjoyed gorge walking because it was fun walking up the waterfalls!”

Hill hiking in the mist

Charlie “I had a fantastic time gorge walking because of the beautiful scenery, it’s all been so much fun!”

Saul “I really liked archery because we had to hit different colours to get cutlery to eat with at dinner. I’m so happy it’s now sunny!”

Samuel ” The Nightline was fun. We were blindfolded and led by a rope over different obstacles, tunnels and trees. You didn’t know what was coming your way!”

“I have enjoyed all the banter around the camp with different people from all the schools. It will be great to see them at high school…”

Dirleton P7 boy band!

Ben “I’ve been enjoying all the different activities, I cann’t pick a favourite. The food is really good too!”

Lennox “Rafting was brilliant because we all worked together and then all got wet together!”

Evening swim after ditching the canoes!

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