Tom (P4) ‘I enjoyed learning about the water cycle because we discussed lots of scientific words like precipitation and condensation.’ Science

Hamish (P3) ‘I loved walking to the beautiful beach. Tam and me found crabs and amazingly a red sea anemones.’ Science

Kitty (P4) ‘I liked going to Yellowcraigs beach because we took part in 3 different activities. My favourite one was beach art. Eleanor, Gemma and me made a volcano out of sand, seaweed and rocks. Expressive Arts

Fearghal (P4) ‘I really enjoyed going down to the beach. The strandline treasure hunt was good because I found lots of different materials.’ Science and Health & Wellbeing

Arne (P3) ‘I enjoyed rock pooling because I found a weird green rock. I thought it was an emerald! I also liked touching the sea anemones they felt strange.’ Science

Zidane (P4) ‘I liked P.E. because Tyler and I got to set up everything including the nets and help run the games for Mrs Johnson.’ Health & Wellbeing

John (P3) ‘I found a Devil Crab it’s eyes were as red as blood!’ Science

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