P 3/4 Learning log Blog 26.05.17

Tom (P4) ‘I loved maths because we were finishing our measurement booklets and we got to measure with metre tapes when we were measuring our bodies. I thought it was lots of fun.’ Numeracy

Tyler (P4) ‘I really liked PE because we played two games of endless tennis which is when you bat back and forward with the other team like a relay.’ Health & Wellbeing

Ava M (P3) ‘I liked playing the maths carousel games because I don’t play them often and it was a nice treat.’ Numeracy

We found sticks and attached objects we found in the woodlands to them with pieces of wool to make ‘Journey Sticks’.

Zidane (P4) ‘I liked learning outside because we did our woodland logbooks. We took our time, we didn’t rush, it was like an art activity. It was really calming.’ Science & Art

Hamish (P3) ‘I enjoyed going to the woods because we are focussing on woodlands which is our topic. It was colourful, there were buttercups everywhere and it was quiet with birds singing.’ Health & Wellbeing and Science


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