P 3/4 Learning Log Blog 09.06.17

John (P3) ‘I enjoyed Lorraine coming in to do a talk about healthy snacks. She told us that there are treats that look bad but they are actually really good for you! Health & Wellbeing

Tam (P3) ‘I loved sports day because we got to do lots of different activities. My favourite one was the long distance race. I came 3rd! Ruthven won the overall sports day!’ Health & Wellbeing

Gemma (P4) ‘I liked doing Pilates because it was so relaxing that I nearly fell asleep!’ Health & Wellbeing

Ryan (P4) ‘We all liked doing Taekwondo when we had to run up to kick the pads because it took perseverance.’ Health & Wellbeing

Eleanor (P4) ‘I loved ‘Bike-ability’ because it was the first time P4’s did this in school. We learnt how to use and check our breaks, dodge obstacles and wave at our teacher whilst still riding! Health & Wellbeing

Duncan (P3) ‘I enjoyed ‘Cosmic Yoga’ because it was really fun and there were different themes. The Minecraft one was my favourite! Health & Wellbeing 


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