P6/7 Learning Log Blog 13.10.17

Gregor (P6) ‘I liked learning the difference between the Area and Perimeter of shapes. It was fun to take measurements outside and work out real things!‘ Numeracy & Mathematics  







Ava (P6) ‘This week I enjoyed learning about Perimeter and Area because we played an interesting robot game on the computers. You had to answer questions to get different body parts to create your robot!’ Numeracy & Mathematics




  Olivia (P6) ‘I loved art this week because we were creating brightly coloured oil pastel 1920’s postcards of the Forth Rail Bridge.’ Expressive Arts 

Charlie (P6) ‘I enjoyed completing our traced bridges and when we added the oil pastels it made them look really cool!’ Expressive Arts




  Jamie (P6) ‘I really enjoyed music because we played games like  ‘Up and Down’. I felt very happy because I have never played it before!’ Expressive Arts