P6/7 Learning Log Blog 27.10.17

Charlie (P6) ‘I enjoyed doing my brain storming using ‘Popplet’ on the Egyptians and I am really looking forward to starting the topic.’ Literacy

Hannah (P7) ‘In the orchard group I helped to strip the willow it made use of my wild life skills it was so fun!’ Technologies and Health & Wellbeing





Ruby (P7) ‘I found the tag rugby festival extremely fun! We got to put all our skills to good use. I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t win but I’m happy that the girls got into the semi-finals!’ Health & Wellbeing








You demonstrated fantastic teamwork and never gave up… well done boys!
Smiling all the way to the semi-finals… congratulations on a fantastic achievement girls!

Tom (P7) ‘I really enjoyed the rugby tournament because there was a great competitive atmosphere and it was good fun.’ Health & Wellbeing

Kier (P6) ‘I liked the African drumming and dancing it was different and made me so happy!’ Expressive Arts

Angus (P7) ‘I really enjoyed this week’s forest group because we learned how chlorophyll changes the colour of leaves to green they are normally yellow or orange and sometimes red.’ Science


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