P 5/6 Apple Festival

Robbie “I liked the apple twirlers because you got to eat the apples after you’d twirled!”


Tom “I enjoyed pressing the apples to make juice because we needed to use our muscles!”

Rebecca “Apple Juicing!” I enjoyed the apple juicing because we got to try it and you were allowed to drink more than one cup – I drank four cups! CAUTION: Don’t drink four cups of apple juice before sports…”

Lilly “I really liked making the apple juice. It was really nice!!”

Tyler “I enjoyed the apple sports because the freestyling was fun.”

Gemma “I enjoyed the apple maths because it was fun. You got to run around and have maths questions to solve. Also, I liked the apple twirling. I did not need a snack after that and it was tasty!”

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