P6/7 Learning Log Blog 12.01.18

 Angus & Tom P7 “ I really enjoyed writing the report on our mummification of oranges experiment because it allowed me to use my scientific vocabulary. The oranges had gone brown and they were BRICK HARD!” Science & LiteracyCharlie P6 “This week I loved unraveling our mummified oranges. When we opened them I was really excited because I had wanted to open them for so long… 6 weeks! Science

Jemma P7 “I liked it when we did gymnastics in P.E. Even though I am not so keen on gymnastics it was still really fun to do balancing blindfolded! Health & Wellbeing

 Sam P7 “This week I really enjoyed P.E, we did gymnastics. I find gymnastics really fun because its active and gets your heart beating and muscles moving!” Health & Wellbeing

 Gregor P6 “I enjoyed doing algebra in maths, replacing a letter for a number. We did number machines that turn numbers into something different. Numeracy

 Rory P6 “ I loved painting the canopic jars because it was really challenging. You had to be careful painting the details because they were very fragile! Expressive Arts & Social Studies







Jamie P6 “I really like making money from our chutney!” Numeracy & Technologies

The class calculated the total revenue from the sale of orchard chutney, jams and christmas trinkets.  After expenses, which we paid back to Mrs Campbell,  we were happily left with a healthy profit

We will now decide as a class how to spend this money… early suggestions are giving to charity, equipment for the playground or a school trip! Thanks to everyone who supported our Christmas fair, we hope you enjoyed the fruits of P 6/7’s labor!


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  1. We did this because our topic in class is Ancient Egyptians. Our task was to mummify an orange the same way as the Ancient Egyptians mummified the bodies of the dead. The experiment took place over 6 weeks in a dry warm environment where we observed the oranges that had been filled with with cloves, salt, bicarbonate soda and cinnamon. The results showed that the oranges became hard and had shrank with no moisture. The orange was also brown in colour.

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