P 6/7 Learning Log Blog 16.03.18

Ruby (P7) “This week I found writing a creative story really fun! We had to use the rainforest for inspiration since that is our topic.” Literacy

Angus & Tom (P7) “We really enjoyed making our maths board games it allowed us to be creative and inventive. It is really interesting to see how much work goes in!” Numeracy

Gregor & Jamie (P6) “I have enjoyed doing 2D shapes we drew them with a protractor, ruler and rubber which is new to me!” Numeracy

Hannah (P7) “This week I enjoyed doing accurate 2D shapes it made me expand my mathematical thinking of things.” Numeracy

Jemma (P7) & Olivia (P6) “We really enjoyed rugby playing a game about not getting tagged helped us think about space .We did races with a team to get the ball there and back to the person who started.” Health & Wellbeing

P 6/7 thought digitally and created GIFs to present their ideas on what they wanted to learn about through the context of Tropical Rainforests.  Check some of them out here…

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