P 5/6 Learning Log 20.04.2018

Drama – John Muir’s Childhood

Lilly “Drama was soooo fun. The Lady (Shona) was really funny and me and Rebecca had to pretend to steal oatcakes”

Craig “This week I really enjoyed drama because I was the dad!”

Art – McCoo Competition

Lina “I enjoyed drawing the highland cow and painting it. We practiced on scrap paper the drew it on A3 card. We had to paint it in lots of different colours and it’s going to be entered into a competition.”

Bella “I enjoyed doing the highland cows because it made me happy!”


Tyler “I loved making positive posters because it was really inspiring.”

John Muir Award

Zidane “I eally enjoyed planting trees. t was my first time planting them and it was amazing!”

Gemma “I liked planting trees because I was doing something new and fun.”