P 6/7 LEARNING LOG BLOG 27.04.18

Robin (P7) “This week I enjoyed making the five pillars of Islam in R.M.E because we had to use our art skills.” RME







Ava and Charlie (P6) “This week we enjoyed learning about the five pillars of Islam because we learned what the five pillars mean and started making a mobile.” RME

Sam and Tom (P7) “This week we really enjoyed athletics. We are training for the Meadowmill athletics competition. We went to the green and practiced long jump, 80m sprint and cricket ball throw. We learnt a good technique for the cricket ball throw.” Health & Wellbeing








Jamie (P6) “I enjoyed doing fit in 15 because it is helping me become healthier.” Health & Wellbeing

Angus (P7) “I enjoyed playing rounders this week because it improved my hand eye co-ordination by catching and hitting the ball.” Health & Wellbeing

Image result for water cycle song vimeo

Ruby (P7) “This week I liked creating a dance in groups to a song about the water cycle. It was quite challenging but really fun at the same time.” Science and Expressive Arts