P6/7 Learning Log Blog 04.05.18

Ruby (P7)  “This week I really enjoyed learning about the water cycle. We got to learn the three stages of the water cycle and then create a diagram about it and colour it with water colours.” Science and Social Studies

Angus (P7) “This week I enjoyed our science experiments about the water cycle. We made predictions about what we thought would happen to the water.” Science



Tom (P7) “I really liked drawing nets of 3D shapes and drawing the actual shape. This was quite interesting to see how the nets folded.” Numeracy



                                                                   Finlay (P7) “This week I enjoyed writing a biography about John Muir because we got to write everything we know about him.” Literacy

Kier (P6) “This week I enjoyed script writing because it was some think we have not done before.” Literacy


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