P6 Camp

P6 Pupils thoughts on their camp at Yellowcraig…


“First we went down to the camp which took around 30 minutes. We got into groups. I was with Charlie and Jamie. It was really difficult, so we got Daniel to hlp us get the tent up. We finally managed! Later that day, we went on a walk and found a smallish tree. We tried to get all 14 of us in the tree and we did it after a bit of a struggle.”


“Camp was one of the best things that we did in primary 6. The food was really nice. I also really liked trying to see how many people we could fit in a tree! I loved putting up the tents. Even though I finished first, I helped to put up other tents.”


“I loved it when  was playing with my friends and how we all worked together.”


“I really enjoyed P6 camp because I elped people down to Yerllowcraig and up by holding their bags.”



“I really enjoyed making the tents with who we were sleeping with. It took a while to make them but we got there in the end. Soon after, dinner was ready so we all dug in to the delicious pasta. I was quite full but I always have room for a little chocolate bar that I had snuck along with me! For the next activity we went to the woods and Martyn challenged us to climb a tree.”


2 thoughts on “P6 Camp”

  1. A number of years ago Mr Moody , some of the parents and teachers had the idea of doing a P6 overnight campout at
    Yellow Craigs
    It takes a while to plan these things into the school calendar.
    So it didn’t happen whilst we were at Dirleton.
    It is lovely to see your photos and hear about what a fabulous time you all had. So happy that the P6 campout has become a special event each year now.
    You are very lucky to have this experience and the teachers and
    Outdoor Education staff to help you do it.
    Loved your wee reports of the adventure.
    From Sasha Spring ( Ella Malaika’s Mum)

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