P7 Learning Log 18/1/19

We have had another busy week in P7!

We have been learning more about arable farming for our Scottish farming topic, using skimming, scanning and close reading techniques to find information.

Linking science to our topic, we have been learning which chemical elements are used in fertilisers.

In maths, we have been exploring averages of data learning how to find the mean, median,  mode and range of a set of numbers.

We have also been exploring our digital footprint and how to be safe online, learning key things to look for in phishing scams.

Here’s what the class enjoyed the most this week:

  • I have enjoyed P.E – Archie.
  • This week I loved doing some science, it was Chemistry and we had a look at the Periodic Table Of Elements – Olivia.
  • I enjoyed finishing our mandalas, it was hard but fun – Charlotte
  • I enjoy Mathletics because it gave us hard challenges but it was fun at the same time- Gregor.
  • I enjoyed maths and learning about the mode, the median, the range and the mean of number groups – Lilly
  • This week I really enjoyed drawing our mandalas – Rory.
  • “I’ve enjoyed maths this because we were doing median, range, mode and mean. It was fun to do something different – Craig.
  • This week we have been doing a lot but my favourite was skills – Kier.
  • I have enjoyed creating mandalas and the challenges from mathletics – Millie.
  • I really enjoyed doing the farming glossary to help with our reports. I liked getting words from other people – Bella
  • This week we listened to ‘A Man’s A Man For A’ That’. I was shocked to find out that the guy who sung a pencil full of led sung that too – Rebecca
  • This week I enjoyed drawing the mandalas because you had to put a lot of detail in it – Ava.
  • I have enjoyed the mode, median, mean and range – Daniel.
  • This week I enjoyed P.E. Badminton was really fun and I think I learned new and interesting skills – Charlie.





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