P3/4 Learning Log 25.1.19

Here are a few comments from the class about their learning this week.

  • Lauchie – I’ve enjoyed learning about East Lothian Folk Tales and I’m really excited about our assembly next Friday.
  • Charlotte – I’ve enjoyed learning more about fractions.
  • Isla – I’m enjoying Badminton because it’s really energetic.
  • Stephen – I’ve enjoyed practising for the Assembly.
  • Zayn – I’ve enjoyed writing and reading this week.  Every night I have been writing some extra sentences.
  • Charlie – I’ve enjoyed art as I liked drawing the dragons.
  • Rudi – I’m enjoying our group reading novel, Fantastic Mr Fox.
  • Lucas – I’m enjoying music – I like singing.
  • Niamh – I’ve really enjoyed practising my poem and reading this week.
  • Oscar – I enjoyed art club and my citizenship group this week.
  • Calum – I enjoyed badminton this week, it was really fun.  I also enjoyed writing sentences for my homework.
  • Lucy – I enjoyed reading this week.



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