P7 Learning Log 25/1/19

Another busy week of hard work here in P7!

Here’s what we enjoyed most this week…

I enjoyed badminton – Archie.

This week I enjoyed drawing line graphs it was quite simple once you get it!- Olivia.

I really enjoyed writing our reports about arable farming – Charlotte.

In this week I have enjoyed P.E. because the team badminton has made me improve my communication with team mates – Daniel.

I enjoyed trying out new things on spreadsheets like making pie and bar charts –Lilly.

 This week I enjoyed playing badminton because we got to practise serving – Ava.

This week I enjoyed line graphs because it looks nice. I also like badminton because I was practising my skills – Craig.

I enjoyed badminton and helped my skills and serves – Kier

I enjoyed doing the pie charts – Bella.

I really enjoyed P.E.  I loved doing this game where we would split the class up into two groups and play games and if you miss the shuttle you were out- Rebecca.

This week I enjoyed P.E. We did Badminton and learning the different skills – Charlie.

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