P7 Learning Log 1/2/19

This week in P7…..

  • I enjoyed badminton because we worked in teams –Archie
  • This week I enjoyed badminton because we worked in teams to get the shuttle over the net – Ava
  • I enjoyed doing 3D art because it looked so real – Bella
  • I like learning about newspaper reports – Charlotte
  • This week I enjoyed Fit in 15 – times table style because it made Fit in 15 more fun – Craig
  • I have enjoyed revision in maths because it has made me remember about mode, median, range and mean – Daniel
  • I enjoyed doing probability in maths because I’ve never learned about probability – Kier
  • I enjoyed doing our maths quiz because I love doing pie charts and bar charts- Lilly
  • This week i enjoyed doing perspective artwork. We carried on and learned about vanishing points and horizon lines -Olivia
  • This week I enjoyed doing our point perspective art work as it took time and effort to put the lines in the correct place – Rebecca
  • This week I enjoyed doing fit in fifteen because we did something different. It was that we had a basketball and we would pass it back and say are times tables – Rory


We have been focussing on our times tables. We created our own games to help us practise and incorporated maths learning in to our Fit in 15 session. Here’s some pictures…



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