P 5/6 Learning Log 22.3.19

Rugby Fest
We went to the rugby festival in North Berwick. This was on Wednesday behind the North Berwick high school playing field. We’d been playing touch rugby every Friday with a rugby coach and for our last session they planned the festival. We took the public bus. At the festival, we were split into two teams and went round different stations: including “end ball”, some races, and more.

Maths Games
On Monday, Mrs Hexley had put four post- it notes on each wall, one saying ½ another saying ¾ (etc) and had a box with tons of folded papers in it. She threw them up into the air, and people had to take one off the ground. When you unfolded the piece of paper, it showed a fraction equivalent to the one of the ones on the walls. You then had to go to the correct post-it notes and stand there until the next round.