P 5/6 Learning Log 29.3.2019

East Lothian Presentations

The whole class got to choose a topic that is about East Lothian. Like the battles, birds of prey and  tales in East Lothian! We got a choice to make a slide show, poster and one very talented person even made a video! All the presentations were very good!

Mr Robb’s Jokes

The whole school got an opportunity to make jokes and put them in a cardboard box with a chance they will get published in one of Mr Robb’s books. The money goes towards a charity called Brass for Africa. If one person’s joke gets published it will have their surname and their last name. The whole class really enjoyed this here are one of the jokes :

“ Why did the ghost ride the elevator ? To lift its spirits.”

PE – Meadowmill

At P.E. we were practising our long jump for Meadowmill.  This was very competitive. Tyler nearly jumped 3metres ( he nearly jumped over the mat!)

Written by Zidane and Tam

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