P 5/6 Blog 3.5.19

This week at school we have been learning mandarin here are some words we learnt,
Good Evening = wan shang hao ,my name is tom=wo jiaw Tom, sorry= dui bu qi,goodbye=
Zai jian.i really enjoyed this topic because i can now talk part of a different language.

With miss allerton we were learning about different algorithms and we drew a picture and made an algorithm for that pic and if the other person could draw it very similar you could make another one but if it looked completely different you could change the algorithm.

In literacy we were working on personification and we made a small poem about a city or a forest or a beach i decided to do the city and it went really well and i enjoyed it alot it was super fun.  Tom


Miss allerton was doing technology with us. It was so fun because we had to draw a Algorithm for our characters that we drew then gave it to a friend and see if they could draw it exactly the same but if they did it bad we had to change the algorithm so then we give it to someone else.

Mrs Nicholson

In Pe with Miss Nicholson we were trying to do the hammer throw in the Olympics we got 3 throws each in groups of three people.  Fearghal and Robbie


Mrs Allerton taught us coding and algorithms. It was really fun because we got to write algorithms for other people.

Mandarin -In mandarin we  learnt basic greeting like how to say thank you and sorry.

Miss Nicolson – P6 did hammer throwing   to see who could throw the longest distance to go to meadow mill. Zidane and Tyler

On Thursday with miss allerton we learnt about personification. Its when you give an object human characteristics.first we looked at some examples then we wrote some of our own. It was really fun, after that we wrote a paragraph or so and we could do a start of a story or just some sentences. We all really enjoyed this.

We were all given a bag of cut up words and we put them together to make sentences/a poem it was really fun.we took pictures and i thought this was really fun and we would like to don more.

PE with miss Nicholson
We did pe with miss nicholson and we were looking at throwing especially hammer throw. First we used a small basketball and went from low to high and tryed to throw it as far as we could then we marked it with a cone.After that we put the pall in a bin bag so we had a handle we enjoyed it alot. Eleanorand Alex