P5 Innerwick Trip

Pond dipping

At 4 o’clock on Thursday we went pond dipping with dave wild down near the park. For its size we found an amazing amount of creatures. Our  favourite creatures were the scorpion things and the larvie!. When we got back though we were soaked! Sam and Tam

This week we went to INNERWICK for the night. We played exploding kittens for all our free time it was so fun.as well as that we went down to the park in the rain . There was a big slide that went down a hill but it went so fast in the rain.  Ava and Hannah

Tam, My favourite thing we did in p5 camp was play playing exploding kittens because me and sam were so close to winning the game! Also I really enjoyed the pond dipping there were big daddy long legs larvae.

Sam, At p5 innerwick camp my favourite thing was when we dropped eggs from heights  and used materials to try and break the fall. I also really enjoyed exploding Kittens which is a game but after all the fun sadly we had to go.

In p5 camp we did pond dipping with dave wild and a big thanks to Mrs Richardson for the pasta which was yummy and thanks to the teachers who let us come here and have lovely time here in innerwick. Hamish and John


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