P2/3 Learning Log

P2/3 have been working very hard on their learning as always!

In numeracy, we have been learning about multiplication and have been exploring all the different strategies we can use to help us figure it out. The children are now becoming familiar with their favourite strategy.


Our topic has been East Lothian folk tales and we have really enjoyed reading and discussing these stories about our local area.  Yesterday we wrote a diary entry pretend we were Johnny from Johnny’s Football. We worked with our talk partners first to remember what happened to him and how we would write it down.


We have also been exploring Scots language, attempting to write our own poetry about animals in Scots.

In art, we have been working on our still life skills and also our ability to copy on a line of symmetry and use fine lines to create a Highland coo.


I hope you all have a lovely February break! 🙂