P4/5 Learning Log 7/2/2020

I liked doing improper fractions in maths because it was very tricky. Rudi

I liked doing my fractions wall poster. I quite liked writing all the denominations. Calum

I liked the fractions because I liked making a poster. Stephen

I enjoyed making the kilt because I enjoy painting. Sam



We went to Dirleton Castle to act out the Battle of Prestonpans.  Emily

I loved re-enacting the battle of Prestonpans.  Lucas

I loved going to Dirleton Castle to act out the Battle of Prestonpans and eat shortbread! Lauchie

I liked chasing people when we acted out the battle.


2 thoughts on “P4/5 Learning Log 7/2/2020”

  1. Lovely to see all the children’s smiles during the kilt making. School is so lucky to have these surroundings and I’m glad that the sun shone on all their fun and valuable learning !!! Thanks Mr H for sharing.

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