Code of Conduct

This is our agreed Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct
1. We do not drop litter
2. We use the litter bins in our school.
3. We put waste which can be composted into the compost caddies and boxes.
4. Each class carries out a litter pick up every week.
5. Twice a year we carry out whole school litter audits to measure our progress.
6. We respect and do not cause damage to play equipment and furnishings inside and outside our school.
7. We use bins and recycling boxes inside the building to keep the school tidy and to save waste.
8. We respect the belongings of other people.
9. We regularly encourage people to keep the school, grounds and community areas litter free through assemblies and work in class.
10.We accept it is the responsibility of the whole school community to work together to make our environment safe and litter free .

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