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Apple Festival 2017

P3/4 had a fabulous time at the annual Apple Festival today.  The day started with Apple Sports – wake and shake.

We then used willow to make Christmas tags.

At the orchard we used our maths skills to solve tricky problems.


We then made delicious apple twirls and apple juice.  

What a wonderful day.

P3/4 would like to say thank you to all the helpers.


Citizenship Groups Summer Term Update

All four Citizenship groups have been extremely busy this term.

This is what we have been doing.

The Communication Group have created fabulous posters to remind everyone how to keep safe in the sun.

Gregor (P5) ‘We made posters and put them up around the school to help us to  remember to keep safe in the sun.  I enjoyed working with the P1’s.’

The Green Team  have been investigating food waste.

Olivia (P5)  ‘A third of the world’s food gets wasted.  Here at Dirleton we are trying to reduce our food waste.’

Bella (P5) ‘We need to stop buying too much food even if we are tempted by the ‘buy one get one free’ offers we see in the supermarkets.’

The Pupil Council Group have been investigating paper recycling and encouraging everyone to think about the paper they use.   Every week they have been checking how much paper we recycle and looking at ways to reduce it even further.

Graham (P5) ‘We need to stop wasting paper otherwise we will use too many trees resulting in more climate change.’

The Health and Wellbeing Group have made charts to  encourage everyone to  bring in healthy foods.   If you bring in a banana (for example) you will get a point on the chart, each point is worth a house point.

For De Vaux you get a paper strawberry to put on the chart.   If you are in Halyburton you get a blueberry and if you are in Ruthven you get a banana.  They have also been planting different vegetables that we can eat.