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P5/6 Learning Log 8.2.2019


This week has come and gone as quick as a flash!!!
We did RME and made pairs of clay animals from noah’s ark because we are learning about the old testament in the bible. We really enjoyed this task. We also did PE and we played tennis and badminton. Also this week we did maths and In maths we learned about angles and we drew triangles with protractors. It was so fun!

By Gemma and Lina


P5/6 Learning Log 1.2.2019

Jacobite’s Afternoon

On Wednesday we went to the castle for our Jacobite and Redcoats afternoon. We had a battle of Prestonpans reinactment and after that we went into the castle and recited poems and ate bannocks and also amazing shortbread. The afternoon went quickly because we left at half past one and in the blink of an eye we were back at quarter past 3!
By Robbie Ritchie