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P 4/5 HOME Learning Log 27/3/2020

A bit of a different week, as we all adjust to learning from home! Here are some of the highlights…

Lucas “I love the maths because I love that we could play Mathletics.
I didn’t like to not to see my friends but we can call every one at the same time on Houseparty.
I liked the writing part about the ghost house because I liked the bit when we have to describe the spooky house I made my own story about the spooky house.”

Niamh “My favourite part of the week was Cosmic Kids Yoga the Star Wars one because it told me a story whilst I was actually do the exercise. I liked the Osprey radio show and the red squirrel one too. I wrote an acrostic poem about a Osprey chick. Here it is:
Opening my wings to learn how to fly
Springtime is when I was born
Powerful wings as big as my teacher’s arms
Raw fish is what I like to eat
Eggs are sometimes taken from nests sadly
Yellow eyes make me see for miles”

Mr Harris I really enjoyed reading all the stories you wrote and seeing how creative you were in maths…I especially liked doing the cups challenge. Here’s the link to my video:

Rudi  “I enjoyed making animation and listening to esio trot”

Charlotte “I enjoyed Writing as it was really imaginative!!!”

Sam “I have enjoyed writing this week. I loved describing the haunted house and it was fun using smilies.”


Zach “what I liked was that i wasn’t just watching tv all day I got encouraged to do my homework
and the best thing was mathletics.”

P 4/5 Learning Log 6/3/20


We have created some of the hills and islands of East Lothian using paper mache and paint. We had fun researching the various landmarks and trying to reproduce their shapes and colours.


Farmer Jim from Stenton helped us to plant potatoes. We will harvest them in June. In the meantime we will learn more about potatoes – where they are from and how they grow.


P4/5 have practised using coordinates through a series of games and activities.

P4/5 Learning Log 21/2/2020

I liked reading Double Act because Ruby and Garnet got to meet the Prime Minister.

I loved reading because it was fun to read ‘My Dad Does Belly Dancing!’ Lucas

I’ve enjoyed doing art because of the silhouettes and including the Bass Rock. Rudi

I have enjoyed doing our Bass Rock art. I liked it because it was fun sticking on the paper and cutting out. Elly


I liked tiling. I loved putting different shapes together. Isla Z

I liked tiling because I like maths and it’s fun! Zach

Tiling: Maths: I enjoyed it because it was challenging. At first I did it wrong then I got it right! Zayn