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P4/5 Learning Log 11.3.16

“I enjoyed making chocolate rocks out of white and milk chocolate. This helped us to understand how metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks are formed.

The chocolate was Fairtrade.”



“I liked learning about Fairtrade as it let me learn about other people around the world and their problems.”


“I enjoyed maths, we practised our underwater times tables online.”


“I liked it when we got into our reading groups and did the Literacy Circles. It was fun asking other people in your group questions about the book.”


“I enjoyed First Club Golf. I challenged myself to get a better swing.”





First Club Golf


P4/5 took part in a First Club Golf activity on the village green today. We have been working on three types of shot – full swing, pitching and putting in recent weeks. At the green, we combined these shots in order to complete a  6 hole, par 3 course.

It was a lot of fun and we all learned a lot from the golf instructor, Kate Green, from seasoned golfers to those enjoying their first round.