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Wildlife Club


Wildlife club went to check the bat boxes in the Castle grounds yesterday and we found one roosting.  Our countryside ranger Dave Wild has had special training so he is able to handle bats to get a closer look.  This one was a male and  holding the wings up to the light and looking at the veins helped Dave identify it as a soprano pipistrelle.  This is  the most common bat around here, and the one you are most likely to see flitting around on warm evenings.  We also used our endoscope camera (funded by Civic Pride) to look in nooks and crannies in the trees.

Remember bats are protected species and should be treated respectfully.

Dirleton Bioblitz & Garden Party


The Dirleton Bioblitz and Garden Party were a great success.

Thank you to all children & families who came along and supported this event.  Thank you to all parents who gave of their time to stage events for the Bioblitz and thank you to all the the experts who gave of their time to support the village.

Thank you also to Dave Wild our Countryside Ranger who supported the Bioblitz with both his time and expertise to support this wonderful project.

Here are a selection of photos from the weekend that were expertly taken by one of our parents, Mr N. Spring.P1090452P1090441P1090534





Day 5

We had a great time dancing with new friends last night.

Just finished breakfast, packing all done, ready to go!

What a fantastic week we have had with new friends and the brilliant team at Ford Castle.

We’ll be sad to leave but are all looking forward to our own beds and the holidays! Yippee!!

Primary 7 on tour @Ford Castle

See ya soon!