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Aikengall and Torness Visit

aikengall on PhotoPeach

P4/5/6/7 went on a visit to Aikengall Wind Farm and Torness Power Station. We learnt that the wind turbines were 80meters tall (the same height as Torness Power Station). Inside the wind turbines you can get right up to the top partly by lift and partly by ladder. Paul the manager showed us his climbing gear. The ladder he climbs to go to the top is attached by magnets.
By Ross and Christopher.

Orienteeing at Yellowcraig

P2/3/4 and P4/5 had a fantastic time on Tuesday orienteering at Yellowcraig with the outdoor education staff. Thank you to them for a great time helped by spectacular weather!Orienteering at Yellowcraig on PhotoPeach
P2/3/4 on PhotoPeach